Kamis, 06 Mei 2010

love and shoes

dear blogg,
you change yaa from my diary into fashion bloggbut i dont mind with that, love it!!!
dari tadi malem sampai pagi ini tidur gw gak nyenyak, malah bisa di bilang gak bisa tidur, tidurnya super asal
tapi pagi ini malah gak ngantuk sama sekali, well when am happy this is always happend, yesss am soo hapy becouse of  Mr.Singh, well some people mungkin mengira this is just my imagination karena i always talk about him but never want to show even only his photo, but he will come here very soon, at that time gw bakalan pamerin dia.

for me he just soo perfect, every words he told to me tuuh bikin gw admired him
i used to blind for love and also lack of experience about love, soo am more like innocent girl when it comes about this topic, all i know just how to love and to be loved, no trick or anything else.
i do admit it that am picky about this and i think its soo normal, even not everybody like that ( i respect them also)
and i just found my love, i feel like this is true love and its almost two years long distance relationship and soo far going well.
this is the love that am looking for, i dont like rules, i dont like over protective i dont like if my couple interfere too much in my life and yess he not doing all that, its just like independent love and for me this is soo cool!! ..well am too often to telling here that he never ever hate my style and thats the best part, even sometimes he pick shoes for me and he always pick the black shoes and i do love his taste.

short stories, am soo thankful that i found  him, nooo noo he found me anyway!!!!

oowh, maybe this is my lucky month bec i get two free shoes this month  one from RETAIL THERAPHY and one from Candy Feet

Candy Feed Leopard Dr.Martens ( thank you amel)

Retail Theraphy ( love youuu mbak kalistaa)

end of the shoes stories

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