Kamis, 14 Januari 2010


i want scream, i want cry , i realy dont like the situation the distance make me crazy
what can i do when i miss u???
he light my way, i love around him, he make me happy all the time but the distance killing me softly,
i start worry about this relationship soo many quetion inside me, i want be calm but i cant sometimes
especially when i heard news like this, what can i do now, ure sick and i cant take care of u, i feel like am useless

"still hope that he still in spore now"

8 komentar:

F i K a mengatakan...

LDR ama pacar yaa?hehe
ki,,klo jumat tgl 22 aq ga bisa dtg, gpp yaa?abis kan ud mulai kerja,jd blum tau ditgl itu ada apa..huhu

michelle_ mengatakan...

woah . LD ama cowo yahh ?
huuuu,. gonna be tough :|
hope u 2 are okay :D

ohh and jgn lupa dtg ke meet up nya next week.. jd mulai jm4 sore kak :D

t a l i s h a mengatakan...

good luck with your LDR.. you can do it kak.. heheheh

HARAJUKU on SPOT mengatakan...

aaahh akuu jadi maluuuu...tlponan yaaa kabarin akuu di mananya..aku pasti on time..haha

fhen mengatakan...

hope the LDR is going well :)


Anonim mengatakan...

join my blog giveaway! goodluck :)

betz mengatakan...

so sorry to hear this dear. love knows no distance...


HARAJUKU on SPOT mengatakan...

thank youu betz and u sooo rite about love knows no distance

and thank you for visit my blog...i am not wrote much abt fashion here, i will write in the future hehehe