Minggu, 03 Januari 2010

Dear Blogs

Fisrt day work in 2010 and so far still relax, not much to do
just search new new store contact and i make some goal..yaaayy u will see new stuff on our next edition.

well, am fight with my best fren we always fight but this time gonna be long silent between us and i feel so uncomfy, hate this situation, try to apology but seems she need more time ( will not telling u what happen)

i have feeling that 2010 will be much much better than 2009, even 2009 was memorable years for me,many things happend in that years.

well, i tot i can write long this time, but i was wrong bec new photograhper just came and i have to see him..

2 komentar:

F i K a mengatakan...

yuuukk..mari kita bercerita2 lagiii..hihihi
yaa klo ada fashion spread dan butuh sisten tmbhan kbr2in aja yaa..hihihi ;)

HARAJUKU on SPOT mengatakan...

mau mauuu..aku sangat mau bekerjasama dengan dirimu...