Kamis, 31 Desember 2009

career highlight

i know i always write blog kayak gak niat, gw pake buat curhat yaaap gw pake buat curhat beneran nie blog, karena gw yakin kalo gak ada yang baca, kalo pun ada paling temen temen gw sendiri.

mmmh fokus gw di tahun 2010 ini adalah on my career as fashion stylist, isnt it cool job ever dan gw baru ngejlanin ini selama 6 bulan, dan selama itu pula semuanya ups and down, walaupun kebanyakan enjoynya.

i admit it, selama itu juga gw sering berpikir untuk pindah ke kantor lama gw yang secara  financial lebih menjanjikan, tapi am not enjoy it at all, dan gw bersyukur banget pada akhirnya di kasih petunjuk sana Allah kalo Aneka Yess is my second home, now i dont care what people say, now i know where i want to go and i also know that one day will be suceed in this field people will know me, will have network.
i realy thanks to my lovely boss becouse she trust me, she knows that i can do it that build my confident soo much. and makes me more bersemangat buat kerjaaaaaaaa...

i wll never ever complain about this things about my job, except they not let me having my lunch, thats the big problem..but so far they didnt do that,

it might sound strange but cant wait till monday soo i can work....

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michelle_ mengatakan...

hi kak dina :D
noooo i dont have a proper studio lighting in my house ! i just turn off some of the lights in my room . hahaha..

sometimes i even take my photos in the total dark :D

your blog is a good source for inspiration .
many thanks to the comment you left :D

visit / comment / follow me .
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HARAJUKU on SPOT mengatakan...

hehehe kirain kamu punya lighting juga chell, kerenn banget, bisa bikin majalahh..hihihi..

aw aw aw..thank youu for ur comment, bikin pengen teruss nulisss ;)