Kamis, 11 Februari 2010

Morning stories

heyy Blog yaaa ampunnnn bagus yaa masih inget kalo ternyata punya blogg hehehe...(laughing to my self)
sebenernya sih kejadian akhir akhir ini in my life itu amazing banget dan banyak cerita yang bisa di share, pengen sihh pajang poto yang buanyaaaakkk di sini ( i will do it).

everything going well lately dan puass banget sama hasil photo shoot di kota tua itu, the pic the style and everything sooo my style and i love it, noone interfere in the process i've done it on my way and am extremely satisfied with it its make me bersemangat buat bikin yang lebih dan lebih bagusss lagii.

and i start love this company, the people and everything including the mouse maybe!!! i love here and i think i will be here for at least 1 or two years (if am not move to other country).

actually i really wnat to take some candid pic and put here in my blog but sometimes working in the media justru must extra careful buat put pic in other media ( blog is media kan) jadii i better not looking for trouble or maybe i will as permission from my lovely boss, can i put some pic here.( hope she allow me).

and other things, my goddd i love internet, and fashion blogger people, its like new community and sooo fun its realy nice to see all that blog, and honestly they like giving me inspiration for whats next on my fashion pages.

owwhh im going to make other blog and this time gw bikinnya lebih serius lagi, bec this is not juts blog but my brother project, dia ikutan lomba making websites but dont know mau di isi apa web-nya so i came out with the idea to make fashion blogg hihihihi....am smart in this case kan????( hehehe( proud)

i think am going to start my work now and this afternoon there is another bloger meet up...

just take the pic using my friend Pc

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