Rabu, 14 Oktober 2009

Fall For Fashion

dream come true, totally!! even am still strugle with money, whoes not anyway!
title and what am going to write soo not related, hehehe!!
mau sedikit curhat aja sihh gw, i still sad, knowing that he cant come this month, really really sad, tapi mau fimana lagi dia sakit gw bisa apaan...more sad bec i cant take care of him or do something for him, only knitting him scraft the things i can do for him and try to be loyal..hehehe!!am trying sooo hard for that (soo finger cross)hehehe.

well, everything in here going well, i can blend with everybody even its hard at first but time proof that i can, almost give up but now..mmmh no way!

and other things, here very gud place to learn about the things am into it, meeting interesting people, nice fellow..

owh, my ex bos kid come and i have lil chat with him, when it comes about study topic he talk a lot, but thats good insted of keep in silent..another cover competition will come and this week will be hectic moment..

owh, here pic that we can take at old city in jakarta..am i look like a real fashion stylish???

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