Selasa, 13 Oktober 2009


hey blog how are you, again i apology to you becouse am not writing you for sooo long, u know i've been super busy with all my dead line and with all those project, which is very cool project ever!!
Banyak banget yg mau gw ceritain di sini, dari mulai kerjaan gw, personal life with frenz and love one (take deep breath)
for last two week its very very tiring days, am loosing botton for one botique dress, and worse part my BF he pstponing to come bec he falling sick when he was in india, thats very dispointed moment and, this is not first time soo i kind of get used to it with it.

and best news for me, i already get into the field and lovee this job very much yaaaayyy!!!

blogs, am afraid have to say goodbye for now again bec am going to start doing my job this morning..schedule pretty tight

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