Kamis, 13 November 2008

its a great victory

i feel great, i feel fine lately
its seems all my darkness life is fade away, what kind of darkness i have anyway!!
i dont saying that working in small company like what am doing for last one years is lame
i have great experience and friendly people around me, but the things is, i have to develop my self, reach my goal and my own dream

even working in oil company is never cross on my mind, but i feel so lucky they want to hired me
i mean, i dont realize before that working in oil company will need high GPA and everything
its simply like, going to interview and have gud time there..then they accept me, feel so lucky
and grateful to allah swt becouse he bless my life

when i pray i always thanks to allah that he gave me nice family and frenz and also gud job to do
even what am going to be is just become a wive from someone i loves, work in oil company and having gorgeous family and bf is not to shabby :)

i know that i cannot be naif or inocent forever, thinking that all people is gud...well
i should say here "welcome to reality"

what i know is, i will have wonderful life and great job for next 3 month and will see what happen
hope someone purposing me..AMINN..hehehe!!

Note : miss my dk today, hope to see him soon

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