Kamis, 04 Desember 2008


Dear my lovely blog, sorry for not write for so long, bec am in new company and still dealing with everything now..my life seems going soo smooth and so well and i really gratefull for that, alhamdullilah banget with what happend in my life.

hiudp ini gak sempurna, sound cliche but its true..well i start thinking about my personal life like love life, yeah kalo gak ada yg mau dengerin curhat atau gw yg gak mau curhat sama orang lain, i better curhat di sini, dan mungkin bakalan di baca juga sama orang2 lewat..hehehehe

i was thinking about dk and me, dia beda dan waktu gw tau dia gak bisa ke sini this month, pikiran negative hunt my mind, i was thinking kalo dk avoid to see me and other silly thought yg harusnya gak gw pikirin dan bikin gw ketombean gini beside gara2 kerjaan juga sihh gw ketombean..hahahaha..dinaaaaaaaa grosssss

gw juga gak tau apa ada masa depan, sama hubungan gw ini, am i just waste my time??all beutiful words from both side mouth is itcame from heart or just say it becouse we are couple and allow to say that or its sinciere even deep in my heart i admit it we are so connected like love song lyric came real :)

the things is we are difrent,and its the main problem, other problem is becouse he soo far away and the other things is gw bahkan gak tau he have plann buat us atau enggak, i just jalanin aja semuanya...

and sekarang mmh..gimana gw jelasin perasaan gw ya, its confusing actually..
bukan what i want yg ngebingungin tapi its another things related with my future

seriussss benerr mpok :p..hahahaha!!!
hari ini excited banget, gw ketemu orang baik yag makes everythings esier than people thought...

lately i was thinking that he change, maybe he just busy doing his things..but my thought not like that, i was thinking other, gw selalu benci banget sama kata-kata sibuk dan itu bisa jadi alesan bagus banget buat avoid someone iya kan??

tau ahhh, puyeng gw kalo ngomongin beginian..kayanya mau gw keep in my heart aja dahh..maless juga..priority gw sekarang ini bekerja dengan baikkk aja dahhh :)
love series mean..maybe i will find someone else,

Note : thats my recent pictures :)

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