Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010

My Self around and Birth Day

This is just my personal thought,
am soo grateful with what i have soo far, have great team and soo proud of them my step mom and step sister (mas ade and nisa) we really such a great team, and knowing that one of us going to resign for better future makes me sad.
But wont be selfish and let her go becouse its all for good, we still playing around anyway!!!

the job getting easy to be done and everything is going soo smooth and soo well and i never stop to grateful to Allah SWT for all of this.

My birth day is coming soon, in my 27th yeaahhh i already reach that age i even never think about that.
i still have a lot of dreams and i am sure all will come true.

like everybody else, i also think about my birth day wish list, mostly its all shoes!!
and even i show a lot of stuff there, what i want really want to celebrate that day with me is HIM!!!

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