Minggu, 18 Oktober 2009

Me , job and personal life

Just Focusing on work lately, and also about my health and still worry about his health
i only wrote short lately, just splash in my mind and wrote it all.

like today, was arrange all the dateline and thank god this week not to full, just have to collect some stuff and i think that would be easy.

talk about easy, having long distance relationship tot will be easy, and its totally not that easy, its hard, especially when ur love one dont understand that communicate is the best way for this, and am tired to ask.

no no, am not tired to having him as my love one becouse he is the one for me and will always like that, its just am crying indside to know that he in not gud condition and i cant do anything for him, how i can show that i care for him..okayy this time i a bit " cengeng" but i dont care, i want express everything in my tot and heart today, even i knew that he will never read this unless he search my blogg, he will never knew!!

uuuhhgg, lately (u can coundt how many "lately" word i mention here, hehehehe
am totally sad, i wondering will he ever go away from my life, gee' am miss him soo much, miss him till i cant sleep, till am loosing my apetite, till i want cry.

i just want to fly there to met him, but i know i cannot :( :(
whish he understand how importand thats all for us.

okay, change topic yukks, all the work done perfectly now, going to next project which is start tomorrow hopefuly nothing goes wrong..aminnn

actually am trying to upload my work pic but i think something wrong with the connection, soo next time will do, maybe tom morning.

its time for lunck, even still feel full, like i told you earlier i still loosing my apetite.

maybe after i check all the fashion stuff and meeting with syu shu owner, i'll be back to write, till then..Byee

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