Jumat, 14 Agustus 2009

blend chatt

today 14 agustus 2009, yeeeyy dikit lagi DK ulang tahun which is tomorrow dan kokk gw yang sedih yaaa gak bisa celebrate his b day, when i write this i feel like i miss him soo much,he is my angel, gw keabisan kata-kata untuk kasih complement ke DK.

bukan dia juga sih yang mau gw tulis di sini, tapi biasa deh gw kalo nulis loncat loncat gak jelas, susah banget fokusnya!!!

tadi malem bokapnya temen gw curhat lagi sama gw, gw gak tau, gw pusing banget gak mau terlibat lebih jauh lagi sama masalah intern ini one thing for sure, dua-dua-nya udah gw kasih comment positive mudah-mudahan membantu (aminnnn)..

eniwei, tadi gw kerjain photo shoot lagi dan gak ada yng doing make up and hair do, panic for the start but am doing well at the end (i think)still not sure..hahahaha!!!
dan its really funn doing job with model, photographer like mas alex, i totally owe him one also to the model bec she can do make up and also mas oyong (dinaaaa halloooo this is not grammy and u speech is too much darling)ooops my alter ego complain!!

will show the pic later bec today i count the day to go home bec i relaly really really missing my home, fahmi, dad, mom, abi, aa, robby and hana(but she not there anymore) ow my god, whenever talk about her i still crying..and this morning hana's frenz sms me and she said she miss her soo much so i cant hold on my tears to came out,then again am cring!!!

what happend today is, not much happend just my boss nagging at me bec am doing less or maybe doing something wrong, thank god she not that mad..well many mistake and i fix it up soo i learn hope no more mistake in the future :) :) aminnn

kay readers, see you around hope u left something here..anyway what do u think about marshanda video..poor girls yaaa..

kay thennn byee nowww!!!

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