Senin, 13 Oktober 2008

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mmhh..he finaly here, but i havent meet him, bec of a lot of things to do, and tomorrow he already on the plane and backto london, this is sad, but again i have to dealing with it
today, from yesterday actually, my feeling is ups and down, becouse of this and bec other problem, still remember my previous posting when i talk about broken heart, well i still woring on it, to not weeping too much and let it go..but its still hurt.

my major feeling is for him, but he wasnt for me sooo i better let him go, and let him happy with her she is nound nice person, but u guess they are new couple, hope for their u think that am not happy, i mean i try to be, even its still hurt inside, who knows by let it go, i will find my own tru love, who loves me forever!!!

waiting is sucks!!!i waiting the news from him, are we will meet or not, he said he have nothing to do today, but he not contact me, what is he doing sooo womdering about this, and strange thing is why i cannot conatct him??i have stupid thought, i wanna make a call to mulia and looking for him..hahahaha!!

am not that crazy i will wait and wait..while i wait i will work!!! but see..what the job i working on, just like to day NOTHING..mmmh im going to improve my self and do something else, that i pasionate about..i need to have one chance

even my dream is just to be a wive from someone i love, and take care of him and our kids, somple and lovely, and dont hav eto think about matrial things!!!

uuughghg.u might be can believe a girl like me, only wnats that in her dream, not wanna have career or not even being abitious but yeahh,...i just wanna be like my mom but more qualified than her, with knowledge i have and great partner, i know i can have lovely happy family forever!!!

but before that happend, i just living my life simple, not think about hard things, even money..but i know this is not a gud things to do in life, i need to do something else, something useful for eveyrbody, at last people around me.

my dad, he alreday retired from his job, i dont know why, but i am still afraid about my family financial, even i know my dad he always have program, he kond of responsible man who always take care of his family, and thats what i looking for from my future hubby..i hope i will have it one day

time going so slow today, well..i still dont know what will happend today, but i just want to end this day with happy things, even tomorrow or tonite i have to cry again, bec think about him and him and him..yeahhh feel like i dont have any other problem, or important things to do
execpt love and love and love..

owh, shoud i wrote a song from rihana called take abow to him????bec what he done to me exactly like in the lyric..well thats gud idea, i think!!!

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