Kamis, 16 Oktober 2008

Chasing Happiness

well, i just want to persue my happines with someone that adore me so much, and i really have big hope to this guy, its just like miley cyrus song, that am going to write here

" they say the good things take times, but really great if can happend just in the blink of an eyes
change to meet sombody like u is one in the million, u make me laugh about silliest thought, u said am diamond in the rough, cant believe that im so happy, every time i see the sparkle in youre eyes, and help me before i get used to this guy"

thats totally what its on my mind, in one side i really happy, but in other side, im scared, scared it this is just a dream, even i never had such a beautiful dream like that, i dont know why but i always pictures my self with someone like him, and there you go he in front of me, its like im going to tell the world that he is my prince charming, even i still shy to admit it.

like i always said, i juts follow my heart,and if its wrong, then let it be my mistake, i just chasing my happines and he is chasing for me, i will in huge heart breaker if he not like what i thought, but i think i will prepare for the worst!!!

he rare text me lately feel like im the one who work in this relationship, but i know he is mature, he wont do that to me..

i ever wrong about marko, i ever wrong about avan and febby..yaa allah pleaseee..hope he is the right guy not like them, even i learn a lot from my pass mistake, but i dont know why am not trauma and still sure that i will found my true genuine love.

even when i remember my pass relationship i still sad, very very sad..but i feel happy now and wont ket anyone ruin my hapiness, except HIM, bec his the one im think about lately if he do act like the same guy that i know on my pass..well thats another things to learn...

bottom line is, i wont tired to chasing my hapines :)

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