Selasa, 28 September 2010

Tuesday Blues and TEACHING

Hellow World!!
Two weeks back and still go on till today is very hectic
the most hectic time in my life as far as i remember.
but me and my team (tiga dipah) try to enjoy it, but a bit hard when our mom wich is mas Ade skip two days from office and need go to padang, bec his close friend just die ( sad to hear that).

And just found another skill of me, wich is TEACHING
yessss, am doing it, about two hours am teaching modeling student about fahsion world, and this is soo excited, i tot i cant do that but i did and the feeling is soo great.

I hope i can be great Fashion Consultant As well, bec thats is really what am going to do, but honestly all that young teen is really pomp my spirit to catch my other dream, they making me believe that i can do that.

Sad Story also happend to me view month back that i cannot share here, but thanks god am still fine.

Another things is, my lovely boyfriend again cancel his coming to J town bec of his work and that is whats make me really really sad.
good news is me and my best fren stop fighting and we close again like we used to.

soo, how are you guys, what is your story?hope you willing to share with me.

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