Rabu, 17 Maret 2010

Another Lighting test and fashion Blogger

hai reader how are you doing???hope you all always in the good mood for fashion,
i try to make something new for my fashion pages lately and love the result, taking pic at the museum, monas everywhere, hope next can do out of town even abroad..my wish!!!

I just realize that every media want fashion blogger lately, its just like free promotion for the print media it self especially, place where are work also do the same, in fact am the one who create fashion blogger pages in the place where am work.

soo happy with fashion industry growth, its amazing to see how media (any kind of media) interesting on fashion, people start to pay attantion more to their look, almost all fashion mag sold out in the market, a lot of fashion websites and fashion photography, wow!!!!!!

and whoes lucky, fashion blooger of course very very lucky, the can instantly famouse without become celebrity or become part of reality show, and for my self they sooo inspired me, its makes me easy to find out whats trend, just saw their pic then i know all...

i even rare going to place called "hang out place" or mall around jakarta, i know fashion only through media
and i met intersting people in teh studio, meet botique owner also here, i almost dont have time to do real hang out, maybe its also bec of my house is far away from the city sooo better stay at home.

my quetion would be, for how long the fashion blogger will write on their blog, create new look and so on???do they will bored??? or what will happend next???

thats my bla..bla..bla.. (read :on my mind), and now am going to share some of my pic, thats what photographer do here, they use me for lighting test and i realy okay with that hahahaha
here the pic, when they do that this is preparation for shanty photo shoot, yesss she is the singer and loveee her skinnnn very muchhhhh, she sooo sexy and i adore her shoes, she have good test, anyway!!!

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