Kamis, 18 Februari 2010

Daily wear

Have New photographer at office, and dia sangat baik hati he okay to take my pic
we do some experiment with the shadow and its pretty cool.

My Best Friend
Photographer, Rio Pink label for Tees, POP for red boots, POP for purple bag and all acsesories from WEWE Comunity

Syu Shu for the wedges

                        Wewe Community for the pattern skirt ( you can ask me the a dress of all the botique that i mention in this blog)

5 komentar:

michelle_ mengatakan...

boots merah nya lucu kak :D

Nora mengatakan...

i love the pink blazer. itu di butik mana kak? =))

HARAJUKU on SPOT mengatakan...

hey nora, pink blazernya punya Pink Label, Mangga dua biasaa di lantain empat, hehehehe makasiiii sayaaangg

bella francisca mengatakan...

hey, nice pict :)


Susan mengatakan...

woww, cool outfit :]